Sculptor creates memorial for Maleah Davis

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Though the medical examiner lists Maleah Davis' cause of death as homicidal violence, a lot is still unclear about what exactly happened to the 4-year-old girl. One thing that is certain is the lasting impact this tragedy left on Houston.

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"It's our duty as parents to help protect our children, and the way she died was just so horrific. Somebody needed to stand up for her," Shirley Scarpetta said.

Shirley is a sculptor who says something about the tragedy made her feel compelled to sculpt the 4-year-old.

"It's just something that was in my soul. I cried a lot for this story," she said.

Like so many people watching the painful story unfold, Shirley felt a connection to Maleah. When a private donor stepped in to commission the artwork, Shirley says everything fell into place to create this memorial.

The sculpture is not finished yet, it still needs to be cast in bronze. Shirley hopes to find a location to display it.

"In order for her to never be forgotten, for her to be a memorial for others to remind them, let's take care of our future, our babies," Shirley said.

Artwork letting Maleah know she's not forgotten, and reminding us all of our responsibility to protect children.

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