Talented Houston sibling trio 'Los Luzeros De Rioverde' rises to fame

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Thursday, September 10, 2020
Los Luzeros de
Los Luzeros De Rioverde will be featured at Freedom Over Texas on July 4th.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A talented musical act from Houston is taking the Norteño music world by storm.

Siblings Yaxeni, 13, Ricardo, 10, and Ailyn Rivera, 6, are behind the group Los Luzeros De Rioverde.

Despite their young age, these young performers from Houston have already released three albums and perform across the country. But their rise to fame started with social media.

"I said, 'I think I'm going to make a fan page for them,'" said their mother, Indira Rivera. "So I started doing that and a lot of people got onto the page, and now they have maybe 400,000 subscribers on YouTube."

The siblings not only sing, but play their instruments at the same time.

Yaxeni started playing the accordion at age eight, while Ricardo started playing the bajo sexto at only four years old. Their sister, Ailyn, joined them on stage last year, playing the bass.

"Last year, we sang in the Mayor's Holiday Celebration," said Yaxeni. "It was awesome. It was the first time that we had played in Houston. It was so special playing in the place that we've grown up in and we live."

"For us, they're part of our family, all the people that follow us," said Ricardo.

On July 4th, Los Luzeros De Rioverde took the stage at another major City of Houston event.

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The siblings performed at CITGO Freedom Over Texas in the Wal-Mart All-American Kids Zone.

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