Houston designer revolutionizes activewear with new anti-stink, anti-bacterial fabric

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston entrepreneur has drawn the attention of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and NASA with her line of eco-friendly, anti-stink activewear.

Megan Eddings is the founder of Accel Lifestyle, a fitness apparel line made from anti-bacterial and ethically-made fabric.

"Accel Lifestyle basically started with my husband's stinky tee," said Eddings. "I was washing his workout clothes about four years ago. I would wash it on a super hot wash cycle, add the extra-scented pods and nothing worked."

Using her background in chemistry, Eddings spent three years working to develop her own lightweight, odor-resistant fabric in a lab.

"Each sample fabric took about four months," said Eddings. "So I would make the fabric and after four months, I would have it tested in the same lab the government uses."

She continued, "Four times the testing came back negative, which means bacteria actually got into the fabric. So I had to re-design the way the fabric was constructed, have it tested again, and on the fifth try is when the fabric finally hit the 99% anti-bacteria status I was looking for."

Eddings hopes that her brand will help create a movement for positive change.

"With Accel Lifestyle, we look at the entire supply chain, from the people who are making the clothes, all the way to when the package hits your front door," expressed Eddings. "We use zero sweatshops. Everything for Accel Lifestyle is made right here in the United States. I personally visit every single factory."

According to Eddings, the brand also uses biodegradable and recyclable materials for shipping.

Since creating Accel Lifestyle, she has won first place in Mayor Turner's Liftoff New Business Competition and was asked to pitch her fabric to NASA's iTech competition, which looks for products and ideas that could be used in space.

To check out Accel Lifestyle's products, click here.
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