Kidnapping and rape suspect at center of Cypress standoff given $150K bond, court documents show

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023
Cypress man accused of kidnapping woman given $150K bond, docs show
The man accused of sexually assaulting his abductee was at the center of an hourslong SWAT standoff after reportedly letting his victim go, only if she agreed to bring him her daughter.

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) -- A kidnapping suspect, who deputies say was at the center of a five-hour-long SWAT standoff at a home in Cypress, appeared in probable cause court on Wednesday.

Charging documents show that Logan Cox was charged with aggravated kidnapping. At his court appearance on Wednesday, the judge added a charge of aggravated sexual assault and set Cox's bond at $150,000.

The series of events started on Monday at Cypress Lounge, about five miles from Cox's home on Thorn Cypress. The victim told investigators she was out with her late boyfriend's family when she ran into an "old friend."

The victim was playing pool with Cox, after running into him, when he asked her if she wanted to go to another bar, according to charging documents.

She reportedly agreed on the condition it was just as friends since she was mourning the loss of her boyfriend.

After spending some time at the other bar, Cox told the victim that he was hungry and they should go eat. The victim soon realized something wasn't adding up after getting inside his vehicle.

When she asked Cox where they were going, he allegedly told her they were "going to his house to have sex."

According to the charging documents, the victim said, "I am not having sex with you," and "do not take me to your house," several times before arriving at his home in the 16000 block of Thorn Cypress.

Cox allegedly grabbed her from the passenger seat and forced her into his home. He then pulled her by the hair and slapped her multiple times before reportedly raping the victim.

Documents state that at some point when the victim was on the floor, Cox allegedly threatened to hit her with a closed fist if she didn't comply.

Cox then reportedly told the victim during the sexual assault that he would let her go if she brought her daughter to his home the following day so he could do the same to her.

"You better not tell anyone, and I expect your daughter here at 1 p.m. tomorrow," Cox reportedly said, according to the charging documents.

Once she got away, she immediately went knocking on nearby houses to find help.

Maj. Wayne Kuhlman said the sheriff's office received calls at 4:50 a.m. on Feb. 20 regarding a suspicious person.

When deputies arrived, Kuhlman said they found a woman who was disheveled and begging for help after claiming she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted.

Cox remained locked inside the home and refused to come out. So, that's when a SWAT unit was sent out to the scene.

Kuhlman said they were able to obtain a warrant for aggravated kidnapping based on the information they had.

Eventually, Cox surrendered peacefully.

Authorities said he has a previous criminal history, but they did not give further details.

Court documents show the victim was taken to Memorial Herman Cypress to be treated for bruises, scratches, and lacerations.

Cox is on house arrest until his next scheduled court appearance scheduled on May 3.

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