Officials increase patrols around League City schools amid social media frenzy about alleged threat

"Too many people are taking small parts of this story... but the tale has no credible source," Chief Clifford Woitena wrote.

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Monday, February 12, 2024
Increased patrols around League City schools in wake of alleged threat
The chief took to social media to dispel rumors, saying there's been "no documented threat made against schools in League City." Still, there will be increased police presence at public and private schools.

LEAGUE CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- There will be extra law enforcement officers at public schools and private day cares in League City on Monday following a possible threat made by two teens on the run from Wyoming.

Though police don't believe there is a specific threat to any local schools, they are taking this seriously.

League City Police Chief Clifford Woitena posted an update on Facebook on Sunday night, trying to clear up rumors that have been causing a frenzy on social media.

"We have been very guarded with the information we released or made public due to a lack of credible intelligence and our desire to try and prevent the current state of panic," Chief Woitena wrote. "Since then, other entities and social media sources have released versions of this investigation that are not supported or, in some cases, even rooted in fact."

It all started late last week when some police departments in Texas, including in League City, started getting information about two 16-year-olds -- Otis Edlund and Quintin Wyrick -- who apparently stole guns from a home in Lander, Wyoming, and were possibly heading toward League City in a 1969 white Chevy Chevelle.

On Friday of last week, the Amarillo Police Department said they were aware of a possible threat the teens made to preschools -- though no specific school was named.

Chief Woitena tried to clear up some of the confusion. He says there is no documented threat that the teenagers made against schools in League City.

According to the chief, the teens' only link to League City is a female acquaintance of theirs in Wyoming who has an aunt and cousin who live in League City. Police say neither of those people have any sort of relationship with the teens, nor would they be welcome at their home.

ORIGINAL REPORT: 2 Wyoming teens wanted over alleged threat against League City schools, police say

Multiple Texas police departments were informed of two Wyoming teens who may have made threats to attack a League City preschool, authorities said.

The chief also says the storyline of violence against a school came from a comment made about six months ago about school shootings -- but was not a documented threat to any specific school or community.

"Too many people are taking small parts of this story and building a very intriguing story line, but the tale has no credible source," Chief Woitena wrote.

That being said, police said they do not want to take any chances. That's why the League City Police Department has coordinated with other law enforcement agencies with the goal of having at least one officer at drop off and pick up and increased law enforcement presence at every public school in League City, as well as at 32 private day cares.

The license plate on the car the teens are said to be in has been entered into the Flock camera system.

Law enforcement across the country has been searching for the teenagers.

If you happen to see anything or know anything about where they are, you are asked to contact police.

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