Conroe PD called to Lakewood Church shooting suspect's home 20 times over last 5 years, report says

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Thursday, February 15, 2024
Police called to Lakewood suspect's home 20 times, 49-page report says
Lakewood Church shooting suspect Genesse Moreno and her neighbors logged 20 calls to police for service at her Conroe home, a report revealed.

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- The Conroe Police Department was called to the accused Lakewood Church shooter's address 20 different times going back five years, but neighbors said officers didn't go beyond responding to the suspect's erratic behavior and alleged threats.

ABC13 learned those details on Wednesday upon receiving a 49-page report documenting Genesse Moreno's calls to her home on Gulfstream Road and those by nearby residents.

On Tuesday night, only Eyewitness News brought you a neighbor's camera footage showing Moreno loading up her vehicle hours before allegedly storming into the Houston megachurch on Sunday.

The neighbor to whom the footage belongs told ABC13 that she called the police in 2022, fearing that the situation next door was escalating, tensions were rising, and Moreno was acting erratically.

On the day of the shooting, police responded to the neighborhood and noted Moreno's history of harassment and disturbance with the neighbor.

"I'm very careful whenever she's out because I don't trust what she's going to do. So, my cameras are going 24/7," the neighbor, who didn't want to be shown on camera, said. "She knows we have cameras all over, and (to) put up a blue tarp over the side of a car so that you couldn't see what she was putting in the back of the car - it looked really odd."

Just hours later, Moreno walked into the church with her 7-year-old and opened fire.

Moreno had schizophrenia, according to her ex-mother-in-law.

The Conroe police report documents Moreno's calls to police that seem to have come from a place of paranoia, including reports that neighbors were stalking her and her ex-husband was attempting to contact her under the guise of an FBI agent.

As far as 911 calls made against Moreno, one neighbor said Moreno once tried to hit her with her car and, in a separate 2022 incident, pulled a gun on her.

ABC13 spoke to a Conroe police detective, who confirmed he circled back with the neighbor on Tuesday to confirm her report number.

"(It's) her way of intimidation - to bring the gun cases in and out, crossbows," another neighbor said. "She'd come out, and she'd have a gun case in there and then do a 'Heil Hitler' sign or flip you off."

According to the report, none of those calls resulted in any kind of intervention from police, nor did they find any evidence of a crime. They responded, investigated, and moved on.

Conroe police maintained their response was appropriate and did not rise to the level of arrest or mental health intervention.

Eyewitness News also requested the police report about allegations that Moreno pulled a gun on her neighbor. ABC13 plans to request calls of service to neighboring homes.

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