5 French bulldog puppies taken during Jersey Village home invasion, police say

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
French bulldog puppies taken during home invasion, police say
A juvenile was in the apartment at the time and called 911 while in hiding. A video shows the suspects kicking in the door and taking the puppies.

JERSEY VILLAGE, Texas (KTRK) -- A 12-year-old boy and his younger brother hid in a closet and called 911 as two men kicked in their apartment door to steal five French bulldog puppies.

The home invasion was caught on camera. It happened Monday afternoon at the Trails at Corinthian Creek Apartments on Jones Road in Jersey Village.

When 12-year-old Camryn heard the break in, he had to make a split-second decision, he told ABC13.

"The closest thing I could think of was hide in the closet, the safest spot," he said.

He grabbed his younger brother and his phone and called his mother first and then he called 911.

"Someone in the house with black masks on. I was scared and I just took off," his mother, Laquitha Lewis explained.

The two boys stayed in the closet until police arrived. The intruders were gone in less than three minutes, according to the video. It shows the suspects, who had their faces covered and were wearing hooded sweatshirts, kick in the front door. They gather up the five puppies and then leave in a black Dodge Charger, with dark-tinted windows, black rims, and a fake license plate, police say.

The 6-week-old puppies are worth as much as $5,000 each, but worth more to Lewis and her children.

"My kids have made a bond with them. They named them. They are hurt," Lewis said.

She is praying for the puppies' safe return. They are not registered so she also warns potential buyers.

"You're going to get stolen dogs and it's going to come back to bite you."

The Jersey Village Police Department is urging anyone with information on this case to call 713-466-2115 or contact Detective Taylor.

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