Husky shot in Old Town Spring has leg amputated

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Saturday, August 6, 2022
Husky shot in Old Town Spring has leg amputated
A 4-year-old canine named Paco is learning to walk with three legs after a tragic shooting forced his owner to amputate one.

OLD TOWN SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- A dog in Old Town Spring was shot and nearly killed last month.

Now the dog's family and the community hope the person responsible is held accountable.

Paco is a 4-year-old Husky that came into the lives of the Fuentes family last year when he appeared at their house and never left. They tried to look for his owner, but when no one claimed him, he became a big joy in their family.

He was a known jumper. Last month Paco made his final leap over the family's front yard fence. He and his sibling got out and went to Main Street Old Town Spring.

"My dog almost died. My dog in the hospital cried, two days cried in the hospital," Paco's owner, Edith Fuentes, said.

Cameras on Main Street caught the moment a man pulled out a gun, pointed it at Fuentes' dogs, and started shooting. Paco was hit.

"One lady (saw) how he shot my dogs, so I have proof. Please help me," Fuentes said. She says people don't feel comfortable coming forward because of fear of retaliation.

Harris County Sheriff's Office representatives say they're investigating the situation.

They are working to confirm who the shooter is.

Authorities tell ABC13 that the person could face animal cruelty charges.

One of Paco's legs needed to be amputated because doctors believed it was beyond repair. He's now getting used to his new reality as a dog with three legs.

Fuentes works multiple jobs and can't afford a prosthetic leg for him.

She wants to give little Paco quality of life again following this tragedy.

People in the Old Town Spring community say these actions don't reflect their dog-loving town and hope the person is held responsible.

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