New uniforms: All-red Texans look to sport horns on helmet, all-blue with lighter blue 'H'

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
H-Town Made: The New Texans Look
With new uniforms, the Texans are embracing the fans and taking a bold step into the new season. ABC13 is breaking down everything fans need to know.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's the day Houston Texans fans have been waiting for. The team just revealed four brand-new uniforms for the 2024-2025 NFL season.

Let's dive deep into the new looks:

The new fits feature the team's Deep Steel home jersey with red lettering and bulls on its sleeves. Its helmet is also a Deep Steel blue color with blue-on-blue metallic flake paint. A traditional bull logo is on its sides, with a new "H" logo on the back.

Then there's the iconic Color Rush Uniform, which has Houston's own H-Town Blue introduced as an official accent color with a unique Texas bullhead logo. The helmet is Deep Steel Blue and, according to the team, features the first new secondary logo introduced on a helmet in NFL history.

Now, let's look at the team's away jersey, which is white with bolded blue letters with stripes on the back and sides. The inside collar also includes an "H-town callout."

The team's alternative uniform includes a bright red jersey with the traditional sleeve stripe on the back and sides. Its helmet, also bright red with candy paint red flakes, features the traditional Texans bullhead on the back.

And when it's Texas, of course, you have to do things big. The team also revealed their uniforms by outfitting the Sam Houston Statue with a giant jersey, and SkyEye 13 was there to capture it all.

WATCH: SkyEye 13 flew over the monument wearing one of the Texans' new jerseys.

Tuesday's reveal, which comes after a month of speculating and leaked video footage, includes what the franchise owner said would be a "closet" of uniforms.

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ABC13's SkyEye surprised students at Furr High School with a very special delivery courtesy of the Houston Texans!

"We have what we call a closet, so four different uniforms. Two we're required to wear, and two we can wear in three games. Some push the envelope a little bit and bring in some new colors, which I think we heard overwhelmingly that our fans wanted to see in the uniform," McNair said in an interview with ABC13 sports director Greg Bailey.

According to the team's website, these highly-anticipated uniforms are the NFL's most fan-inclusive and transparent redesign in history.

The Texans said the four new uniforms are fan-inspired and the result of thousands of surveys and focus groups.

If you're looking to get your hands on the new merch, the Texans announced special team shop days and hours: Tuesday, April 23, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Wednesday through Saturday, April 24-27, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day.

Exclusive items will also be offered at the team shop. In addition, a pop-up shop will open at the Avenidas downtown.

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The team is also set to host a uniform release party open to the public at 713 Music Hall from 6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Although it is free for all to attend, the venue has limited capacity. Fans had the chance to fill out a form to enter to win entry into the party, but that has since ended, according to the website.

Attendees can enjoy performances by Jake Worthington, Paul Wall, Lecrae, and Texans Mariachi. The event will also feature exclusive merch, live tattoos, and helmet-inspired slabs.

Back in March, there was an unauthorized reveal of what seemingly was the AFC South Champions' new uniforms, but the team remained hushed. However, Cal McNair, the franchise's CEO and in-house hypeman, took it further. McNair took to a Reddit forum and dropped a picture of star wide receivers Nico Collins and Tank Dell in the presumed brand-new digs.

The jerseys were in signature Deep Steel blues and white with a twist. If you look closely, horns are wrapped horizontally around the sleeves, and the jersey numbers are in a new font. McNair doesn't mention anything else, but "way more to come in April."

Fast forward to April, a video posted on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, showed someone holding a black helmet with a blue-colored, red-outlined "H" in front of several boxes labeled "Riddell," a company that specializes in American football sports equipment.

In a post a few hours after that user uploaded the video, the official Houston Texans social media page indeed posted that the decal was, in fact, a part of the new unis being debuted.