New video captures fireball after shooting victim crashed into train in SE Houston

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Thursday, January 19, 2023
New video shows shooting victim crashing into train in SE Houston
Houston police were sent to multiple scenes as part of this shooting investigation on the city's southeast side. The victim is in the hospital and unable to speak, so it's been hard for detectives to get answers.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Exclusive new video obtained by ABC13 shows the moment a man crashed his car into the side of a train overnight after being shot.

The wreckage caused the vehicle to go up in flames in the 9700 block of Mykawa Road, near Airport Boulevard. Security camera footage from a nearby business, Best Trailer Repair Service, captured the fireball after the impact.

The Houston Police Department said the man was able to escape the wreckage before it ignited.

The ordeal didn't end there. According to police, the wounded man wouldn't get help until he was two miles away from the wreckage in the 6800 block of Telean Street, where police initially responded to the shooting call at about 7:30 p.m.

Police didn't say whether the man was shot while driving or if he was hit elsewhere before taking the wheel.

Then, the crash happened at about 8:10 p.m., according to investigators.

Video shows the headlights of a car being closely followed by another car and then the one in front suddenly veers off the road and plows right into a parked train. Then seconds later, an explosion.

Police said the man behind the wheel of the car that ran off the road was shot either in his neck or upper torso, which caused him to crash.

A witness found the man a mile and a half away from the scene and took him to a house before he was taken to a hospital. ABC13 went by that house and someone confirmed the wounded man was taken there. We were asked to leave after another person came out of the house.

At the hospital, the man underwent surgery, police said. At last check, he was improving. Police said he is still unable to speak, so it's been hard for detectives to figure out exactly what happened.

Detectives said they have no motive in this case and no witnesses. This is an ongoing investigation.

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