Suspect slams into innocent driver during police chase in NE Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An innocent couple was hit by a chase suspect in northeast Houston overnight.

It started around 12:30 a.m. Thursday when Houston police tried making a traffic stop. They said the car the suspect was driving had a suspicious looking tag.

The driver hit the gas and the chase began, according to police. The chase suspect struck the front-end of an innocent driver's car at Lavendar near East Crosstimbers and kept going before losing control and crashing into a ditch.

There were two people, George and Nancy, in the SUV the suspect slammed into during the chase. Fortunately, they were not injured.

"They were coming too fast. We didn't know what was going on until he hit our car and we saw police coming," Nancy said. "I thought we were going to flip over here but we didn't."

Police say the driver was not hurt.

Officers are now trying to figure out why that suspect ran, because the car did not come back as stolen.
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