Veteran says he was fearing for his life when he shot a robber near the METRO terminal

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Houston veteran fights back against robbery suspect
After getting robbed weeks ago, a Houston veteran started carrying a gun on him. In the most recent incident, he said he feared for his life when another suspect approached him.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Veteran Garland Cherry uses a motorized wheelchair, carries an oxygen tank, and relies on METRO to get around Houston. But two weeks ago, he also started carrying a gun, and Monday night, he used it.

"It was supposed to be a relaxing day," Cherry said.

That day, Cherry had been running errands and was heading back to the METRO transit terminal on Main Street when a robber approached him.

"I was going to METRO to catch my ride, and I was coming from the gas station, and the guy grabbed my backpack on the side and took off," Cherry said. "When he took off, I just turned around (my wheelchair) and fired at him, yes."

Cherry wasn't sure he hit anyone. He was just in fear. But Houston police said he shot the suspected robber several times with his small handgun.

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"The suspect ran several hundred yards, collapsed, was treated, and transported to a local area hospital," Lt. J.P. Horelica, with Houston police, said.

Cherry, who served eight years in the Navy, has heart failure, COPD, asthma, and a number of other health ailments. He says he began carrying a gun after getting robbed during another trip to the bus terminal.

"I was robbed the week before, and they tore my chair up and flipped me over in my chair," he said. "It was worse than this time."

Houston police are investigating the entire incident. With the suspect in the hospital, no charges have been filed yet. HPD says the case will be turned over to the Harris County District Attorney's Office. As for Cherry, he caught another METRO ride on Tuesday, on his way to the Veteran's Administration hospital for a pre-scheduled checkup. He wants the suspect charged.

"I hope he learned his lesson and spends some time in jail," Cherry said.

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