'It leads us to discussion': Cyclist speaks out 2 weeks after controversial group ride in Third Ward

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Friday, June 30, 2023
Cyclist hopes controversial group ride opens room for dialogue
A Houston bicyclist spoke to ABC13 two weeks after a controversial group ride turned violent in Third Ward, leaving one man facing charges.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A controversial group bike ride has one man facing charges and another with more than $10,000 in car damage.

The initial incident took place on June 15.

In a video sent to ABC13, a man in a car starts honking his horn and driving through a large group of cyclists. A few cyclists kicked and threw objects at the car, one person taking a bike lock and smashing the windshield. That person, Michael Len Johnson, is now facing criminal mischief charges.

When ABC13 first spoke to the driver two weeks ago, Herschel Cashin said something needed to be addressed to prevent something like this from happening again.

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Herschel Cashin spoke to ABC13 after a run-in with a violent crowd of people on bikes on S. MacGregor and Scott Street.

"Maybe the city council and the mayor needs to look into it because there might need to be some restrictions on it," Cashin said.

Cashin is seen on video pulling out a knife in his hand. He said he felt threatened, and he is not facing charges.

"So they are bringing weapons into the neighborhood. That bothers me," Cashin said.

For the first time in the two weeks since the incident happened, a cyclist in that group ride is speaking out.

Scott Joseph, who goes by ScottysBikes, said he was at the front of the ride and didn't see the initial incident but thinks it's on all people sharing the road to act smart and safe.

"I think that it leads us to discussion, to come to a decision on how we can keep everyone safe," Scotty said.

Scotty also wants to see this incident bring around the action that makes the road safer for all.

"Unfortunately, this is the result of it, but it is giving us conversation like it is now and dialogue so we can work together as one Houston," Scotty said.

Johnson didn't wish to comment when ABC13 reached out to him.

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Michael Len Johnson appears to admit to taking part in a bicycle mob attack against a driver in Houston's Third Ward.

Scotty said he doesn't speak for the group as a whole, but he looks forward to hearing from Houston police and other official groups about how the entities are coming together to keep promoting group rides and sharing the road.

Houston police told ABC13 over the phone they have met with some groups in the bike community and want to meet with more to find a path forward for all cycling groups in the city.

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