Houston-area businesses, restaurants and bars not reopening after pandemic

Thursday, September 10, 2020
Employees, shoppers concerned for COVID-19 bankruptcies
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The pandemic has hit businesses hard, both large chains and small local stores. ABC13's T.J. Parker explains what may be next as the pandemic continues.

HOUSTON, Texas -- After months of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and readjusting to social distancing standards, many Houston-area businesses have announced they will not be reopening.

It's unfortunately a familiar message shared by small businesses and large corporations across the country: Going out of business.

Closures include name-brand retailers, local shops and restaurants declaring bankruptcy or closing altogether.

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Shoppers are sharing the heartbreak as fabled stores feel the effect of the pandemic. Coronavirus bankruptcies include J.Crew, Neiman Marcus and Pier One, just to name a few.

These Houston-area businesses have announced closures as the result of the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Acadian Bakers
  • Agricole
  • Blackbird Izakaya
  • Broken Barrel
  • Helen
  • Night Heron
  • Penny Quarter


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