46-year-old woman shot and killed during break-in at N. Harris Co. apartment

Deputies are searching for two suspects who were reportedly wearing ski masks and carrying guns when they broke in.

Thursday, October 14, 2021
Woman shot and killed during break-in at N. Harris Co. apartment
"Pretty obvious the apartment was targeted:" Witnesses said two armed men wearing ski masks broke down the door and demanded money.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman was killed when two gunmen broke down the door and made their way into her apartment on Imperial Valley in north Harris County overnight.

Now, deputies are looking for the two men who broke into the apartment and shot and killed the woman inside.

According to Harris County sheriff's deputies, there were four adults and an infant inside the apartment at the time of the break-in; the woman killed, her two adult sisters, the boyfriend of one of the sisters and the victim's infant niece.

Deputies were dispatched around 1:45 a.m. for a home invasion call at an apartment complex at 22715 Imperial Valley Drive near I-45. When they arrived at the apartment, deputies saw the door had been kicked in.

Inside, they found a 46-year-old woman dead with a gunshot wound.

The other people inside the apartment told deputies that two men were wearing ski masks and carrying guns when they barged in.

The men reportedly demanded money, and when the woman confronted the suspects, she was shot.

Deputies say they are certain this was targeted.

"I think it's pretty obvious that the apartment was targeted specifically. What they were after, besides money, I don't know," Sgt. Dennis Wolford said. "But we're going to get surveillance videos once the complex opens and continue to talk to witnesses. There are several witnesses out here. Obviously, not all are cooperative. We're hoping to get the information that we need to solve this case."

Deputies say they're talking to the three other adults who were inside to try and get a better description of the suspects.

It is unclear if the suspects stole anything during the break-in. Deputies say they fled immediately after the shooting.

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