Our first fall front arrives Monday, but don't bring out the sweaters just yet

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Our temperatures will fall in the mornings this week, but you won't be able to pull out the thick sweaters just yet.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Our first front of the fall season arrives Monday, but it's not time to pull out the sweaters just yet.

Around sunrise it will still be sticky in Houston as the front begins to push in. You won't notice an immediate change, but the north breeze will gradually drop the dew points and the humidity through the afternoon. Temperatures will still soar from the low 70s into the mid 90s, but the lower humidity will make all the difference.

An Ozone Pollution Watch is also in effect. Ozone is a lung irritant that can trigger asthma attacks in sensitive individuals.

How cool will it get behind the front, and how long will it stick around?

Low temperatures for Houston will first fall into the 60s on Tuesday morning and there will be a crisp feel to the air as dew points will be down in the 40s. Once the winds settle down later in the week, we'll wake up to sunrise temps in the 50s for Friday and Saturday! Highs will fall into the mid 80s by Wednesday, but it will still be warm in the afternoons. At least the humidity will be low enough to open the windows when the temperatures are cooler during the fist half of the day. This pattern of cooler mornings and warm afternoons will stick around all the way through the first few days of October.

What's happening in the tropics?

We are still closely monitoring Tropical Storm Ian in the Caribbean. It's no threat to Texas, but it will be a dangerous storm for residents of Florida. It is predicted to be a major category 4 hurricane over the Southeast Gulf on Tuesday, where it will start bearing down on Florida and continue for the rest of the week. The exact landfall location and timing is still uncertain, but impacts to Florida will be widespread, especially Wednesday through Friday. For the very latest check out our daily tropical update.


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