'Unprotected as a woman' Murdered mother was also assault victim in separate case, lawyer says

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Saturday, November 27, 2021
'Unprotected as a woman' Murdered mom also assault victim, lawyer says
The family of a pregnant mother of five will soon gather for her funeral as police search for her boyfriend, who is charged in her murder.

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- A man charged with murder is on the run, accused of shooting his pregnant girlfriend to death with their five children nearby early Monday morning.

Deputies found Shaterica Anderson, 28, with four gunshot wounds in her home on Cypresswood Green Drive.

Her long-time boyfriend and the father of her five children, Johnny Ray Landry, has been charged with murder.

Anderson's brother, Jacoby Ashton, said his family has been on edge as it's been four days since his sister's alleged killer hasn't been found.

"Right now, we are not getting any sleep," Ashton said.

He said his sister was pregnant at the time, and she had plans to tell the family on Thanksgiving.

"She loved her kids. They were like her best friends," Ashton said.

Their oldest child, a 9-year-old, told family members that Landry called her the morning her mother was killed.

"He told her, her mom was gone, but we aren't sure the exact details," Ashton said.

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Landry has a lengthy criminal past, including charges of alleged violence against Anderson.

He was out on bond for making a terroristic threat towards Anderson.

In 2016, he was charged with assaulting her. However, the case was dismissed.

Anderson was also in the middle of a separate legal battle.

In March of 2020, we reported on Harris County Sheriff's deputy, Kenneth Reed, charged with sexually assaulting a woman. He has since been let go.

Anderson's lawyer, U.A. Lewis, said her client was the victim.

"With the two cases, it shows, she was unprotected as a woman," Lewis said. "These men took advantage of her as a woman."

Her 9-year-old daughter was nearby during the alleged assault, according to court documents.

Lewis said Anderson was looking forward to taking the stand, speaking out, and teaching her daughter not to tolerate any type of violence against women.

As domestic violence-related deaths climb in Harris County, Lewis said the children are the victims.

"These children are the ones with the life sentence to grief and the lack of a mother," Lewis said. "They destroyed these children's lives."

Funeral services will be held on Saturday, Dec. 4 at 11 a.m. at the Green House International Church on 200 W Greens Rd.

The family has created a GoFundMe for anyone who would like to donate.