Families in need can apply for $30M Harris County COVID-19 relief fund in-person today

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Houstonians in need can apply for relief money in-person today
Eligible recipients will get $1,500 that can be used for things like rent, bills, childcare and more. Here's where you can sign up in-person today.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Harris County residents in need will have an opportunity to sign up for the county's $30 million COVID-19 relief fund in-person today.

The pandemic has caused so much financial pain, from job loss to illness, so many Houstonians are suffering financially.

Since the nationwide ban on evictions is now over, if you are behind on your rent, that could mean you and your family will be forced to find another place to live. However, there is still help available.

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After much delay, senators unveiled a nearly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package.

Harris County and the City of Houston are giving away $30 million from the COVID-19 relief fund.

The fund will provide $1,500 payments for 20,000 qualifying families. The money can be used for rent, bills, child care and even transportation.

The two-week online sign up period for the fund is open now and closes Wednesday, Aug. 11.

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In addition to the online application, on Tuesday, Aug. 3, until 7 p.m., eligible families can sign up in-person at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Hall located at 1475 North Loop West.

ABC13 spoke with one woman who needed the help. She has cancer, a child with disabilities, lost her job and child support, got COVID-19 and ended up behind on her rent.

"They covered the past due amount and covered two months in advance for the coming months as well," Robin Millard said. "So that gave me an opportunity to get caught up on everything in addition to rent."

In order to get help signing up in person Tuesday, you need to bring proof of I.D., proof of residency, proof of income and a way to show your need is pandemic-related.

The sign up period is happening now, but it is not first-come, first-served. After you sign up, the selection process begins based on need, and then families are picked at random to get the help.

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