How cleaning experts say you can use a tennis ball to speed up drying process

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Friday, July 14, 2023
Use vinegar to clean out washing machine to avoid bacteria and smells
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ABC13 is going inside your laundry room to tell you how best to use and treat your washer, and one of those tricks involves a tennis ball.

As part of ABC13's mission this week to find all the cleaning hacks, we're going inside your laundry room to tell you how best to use and treat your washer.

Kristin Humphrey, the owner of Home Clean Heroes Of Houston, says first things first, always leave your washer door open after every cycle. Humphrey said this allows the machine to air dry so that it doesn't build up bacteria or smell in an already dark, damp space.

"So, if you maybe have left it closed on accident overnight, you can always run a cycle with hot water and vinegar, and that will help deodorize the inside of the washing machine," she said.

Humphrey said to put vinegar into the fabric softener section. Don't worry about it smelling like vinegar either.

"So, even though it has a super strong and pungent smell, once you put it into your washing machine and close it, and then start it, it's going to leave it smelling nice and fresh," she said.

Distilled white vinegar is multi-purpose, too, so Humphrey says it's really good for static, and it can also spruce up old, tattered towels that need a little extra fluffing.

"If you've been using fabric softener, sometimes that can build up this waxy feel on your towels and take away the fluffiness. Vinegar will help keep them nice and fluffy," Humphrey said.

Her last tip involves speeding up the drying process for your heavier loads. She said tennis balls will do the trick.

"Or, you can use those wool balls that they sell at the store. Also very inexpensive," she said.

Humphrey adds that the tennis balls will also help with wrinkles and keep your comforters from getting tangled.


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