Cleaning hacks: No need to wash curtains, just vacuum them

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Monday, July 10, 2023
How to clean your home with items you already have
In this new cleaning hack 101, we're throwing hair ties into the mix and how to use your vacuum on places other than the carpet.

Looking for cleaning hacks to get your home in order this summer? ABC13 is showing you ways to do that with products you probably already have.

We're throwing hair ties into the mix and using your vacuum on places other than the carpet.

With the help from our friends at Home Clean Heroes of Houston, Kristin Humphrey, the owner says dust can get sticky, making it tough to clean.

First, she showed us how to clean the blinds in the living room using a pair of tongs, which are probably kept in the kitchen.

"I just got two microfibers that I have and used hair ties to keep it intact," Humphrey said.

She explained how microfibers are also really good to trap and hold dust, making it perfect for cleaning the slats on your blinds.

"You can definitely use a Swiffer, as well. That's nice because you can just throw it away, and it's also a multi-purpose tool that you can use around your home like on electronics, your fan, things like that," Humphrey said.

Her second hack involves baby wipes. They're not just great for cleaning your baby, but they work well for soaking up sofa stains or anything little fingers may leave behind.

They are also great for wiping down gaming consoles or TV remotes. Just be sure to keep them face down, she says.

"Really, just so you can get a thorough cleaning on the buttons and get any debris that might fall out of the buttons and things like that," Humphrey said.

She says her third hack works to cut down on your cleaning time. She suggests vacuuming your curtains.

"You don't have to go through the pain staking process of pulling the drapes down, and putting them into the washer, and then the dryer, and then hoping that they don't come out all wrinkled. It will save you time, just vacuuming," Humphrey said.

It doesn't matter the type of vacuum you have either, but coming from a professional, Humphrey says the best ones are those with attachments.

"We have a dog at our house, and he loves to run up against the drapes. It's just helpful if you have an attachment on your vacuum," she said.

In addition, while a Dyson may not be the most cost effective, Humphrey says you get what you pay for.

"It's definitely an all-in-one tool that you can use all over your home, and they're also really good at vacuuming dog hair or messes that kids leave on the floor," she said.