Cleaning hacks: Put laundry beads in your vacuum and use pillow case to wipe ceiling fan

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Thursday, July 13, 2023
Cleaning hack: Use pillow case to wipe your ceiling fan
Have you ever used your pillowcase as a tool to clean? Maybe not, but we put that and much more cleaning hacks to the test in the bedroom.

Have you ever used your pillowcase as a tool to clean? Maybe not, but that and much more cleaning hacks were put to the test when tidying up the bedroom.

Kristin Humphrey, the owner of Home Clean Heroes of Houston, showed us one of her all-time favorite hacks using laundry beads.

"They are designed to go into the washing machine with your clothes, but we've found that there are other ways that you can use them around your house," Humphrey said.

She put about a tablespoon, at most, into her vacuum and explained that when your vacuum warms up, it helps release the scent from the scent beads.

We watched as she showed us how it works before Humphrey busted out her second hack using baking soda.

"Nothing fancy. I know there are pet ones, as well, but I don't think there's really any difference," she said.

Humphrey sprinkled a little on a dog bed and said it's best to let it sit for 15 minutes so that it has time to naturally deodorize before you start to vacuum and clean up the excess baking soda. She explained how this will also work on your own mattress but cautions to be sure and vacuum really well so that you're not breathing in any of the product while you sleep.

As for her third hack, Humphrey said to try using a pillowcase to clean your ceiling fan. It works well to keep all your debris in one place instead of having dust in the air.

"If you suffer from allergies like I do, or are highly allergic to dust, it's going to grab that dust, keep it in the pillowcase, and then you won't have dust bunnies flying all around your room," she said.

When you're done, you just empty the pillowcase and throw it in the wash so it's ready for the next use.


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