Church member accused of inappropriately touching young girls because he 'likes children'

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Saturday, July 22, 2023
Alleged predator at 2 Houston churches accused of assaulting children
Anecelmo Garza is in jail after prosecutors say he inappropriately touched young kids he met at church nearly 10 years ago.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston man is behind bars Friday night after prosecutors say he inappropriately touched kids under 10 years old he met at a church.

These incidents may have happened nearly 10 years ago, but Anecelmo Garza is only now facing charges. There are two separate incidents involving young girls.

They were children he met at the churches they attended. Garza faced a judge on Friday. He faces two counts of indecency with a child.

Documents show a child was inappropriately touched at Doverside Church almost 10 years ago. A second incident occurred a couple of years later. The second church cited in the documents is Iglesia Betania.

Garza met the child not only because he was a church member but also because he sang in the choir and the victim's relative was a church musician.

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Documents reveal the victim's family confronted Garza about the inappropriate behavior.

They said in text messages he sent them he admitted to liking children and said he had touched other kids.

Garza's attorney asked for the bond to be set at $20,000. However, the judge outlined why she set it higher at $50,000.

"You inappropriately touched children who were under 10 years old who you met through the church communities," the judge said.

The victim came forward five years ago. Court documents reveal investigators attempted to talk to Garza for months.

It was almost a year before they made contact with him. During a phone call, Garza denied the allegations and called them gossip.

However, in the same documents, Garza admitted in text messages he talked about touching a child.

Garza is due back in court Monday.

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