'I'm grateful to be here,' Victims describe chaos after driver slams into SE Houston Fiesta Mart

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A judge set bond at $50,000 for the man accused of slamming an SUV into a Fiesta Mart in Houston's Sunnyside neighborhood.

Prosecutors said 38-year-old Oswald McGlorie Jr. was intoxicated when he ran a KIA Sorento into the grocery store Saturday afternoon. They said he has a previous DWI conviction.

The youngest victim who suffered minor injuries was 9 years old, whereas, the oldest was a person in their 30's who was hospitalized with major head trauma. On Monday, eyewitnesses inside the store spoke to ABC13's Steve Campion about the frightening ordeal.

Store workers Tianna Washington, 18, and Jared Amos, 19, now have to use crutches as they were hit during the crash. Washington injured her ankle and Amos injured his knee.

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"I feel traumatized but, hey, God was looking over me," said Washington. "He made sure that I'm still here. I'm glad to still be here."

Washington said it all felt like a blur. Amos told ABC13 he looked up and saw the car barreling toward the store.

"I saw the car coming full speed. That's when it had hit everybody, everything in the store. I tried my best to get out of the way. It still hit me in the right leg," said Amos. "I'm grateful to be here and still be alive."

Investigators said one woman suffered a broken femur bone, head injuries, and is permanently disfigured. Jhanee Armstead, a certified medical assistant, told ABC13 she raced over from the beauty supply store to help the woman.

"There wasn't anyone helping her out. There were people recording," said Armstead. "The thought process in my head was, 'Why are you all recording? Why isn't anyone helping out?'"

Prosecutors did not say what exactly led up to the suspect slamming his SUV into the Fiesta grocery store.

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