SkyEye video shows massive pipeline fire in Brazoria County after reports of 'large explosion'

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Thursday, July 13, 2023
'Pretty nerve-racking': Blast felt before Brazoria Co. pipeline ignites
Eyewitness News is gathering facts about what was burning Thursday afternoon in Brazoria County.

BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A large pipeline fire was seen from miles away in Brazoria County on Thursday afternoon after reports of an "explosion" in the area.

SkyEye flew over a large field where flames were burning in a remote part of it.

The Brazoria County Fire Marshal's Office tweeted that it was aware of a fire emergency near FM 2917 and FM 2004.

INEOS, which is the company that owns the site, released a statement to ABC13 about the incident, explaining that the fire was due to a release on a pipeline at a valve site.

The company said two pipelines were affected containing ethylene and propylene, which are flammable gases.

With a potential release of chemicals, land owner Terry Hlavinka said there's concern for impact to land and water.

"There is always potential negative impact whether it's oil and gas, or production or transportation of those types of products," Hlavinka said.

"The affected segments have now been isolated," INEOS later announced.

Officials also said there was no impact on residents or nearby businesses, adding that there was no shelter-in-place and air monitoring was being deployed.

Farmer Casey Smith told ABC13 he was in a 10,000-pound piece of farm equipment when the explosion happened. A quarter mile away, he felt his equipment shake.

"It was pretty nerve-racking, for sure, with the pipeline and oil field we have in the area. I called 911 cause I was worried. They were actually digging a new pipeline on the farm so I was worried for those guys," Smith said.

No one was hurt.

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