Sister of victim in Baytown killing says suspect's mental health is 'no excuse' for it

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Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Mental health no 'excuse' for Baytown killing, victim's sister says
As police continue to withhold information in a deadly shooting spree tied to a 33-year-old man whom officers killed, we're hearing from the family of one of the victims in the wake of two additional victims in the suspect's alleged rampage.

BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) -- The death of two people whose bodies were found in an oil field could be tied to a Baytown man who went on a shooting spree that killed two victims and injured two more. The suspect has since been killed by police.

Ron Welch, 33, was killed by Baytown officers during a crime spree last week. The agency confirmed to ABC13 that two more bodies were found in an oil field over the weekend. They believe those bodies were also tied to Welch, but, so far, have refused to elaborate.

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That's frustrating for Christin Ferri, the younger sister of George Keene, one of the victims killed in the shooting.

"He was my big brother. He was a good person. He loved his family. He loved his job," Ferri said. "He loved to fish. That was his thing. He loved to fish and hunt."

Tragedy struck on Oct. 6. Keene, his wife, and two of their children were going to dinner when they were blocked in and hit with gunfire.

"This man, whatever he was going through, almost hit them. Ended up blocking them down the road and just unloaded three magazines on them for no reason, just because of whatever mental health he is in. I understand mental health is real, but it is not an excuse at all," Ferri said.

Keene died, but his wife and children survived.

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"My sister-in-law threw her body over them for a shield," Ferri said. "That's why she was shot three to four times, and she's in pain."

ABC13 called and visited Baytown police on Wednesday, trying to get a clear sequence of events. The department would only hand over a previously released news release.

Welch's mother told ABC13 over the phone that her son had suffered from bipolar disorder for years.

Ferri says someone should have gotten him help.

"I feel people in his life are responsible because he should have gotten this man help. Before somebody else had to endure this type of pain," she said.

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