Illinois high school students make prosthetic for girl born without fingers...for $5


Kylie Wicker, 9, is just a regular kid. She enjoys outdoor activities, including riding her bicycle. And though she keeps a smile on her face, there are times she breaks down.

"She's always been pretty positive about it, but lately when she was breaking down, it was kinda hard," said Kylie's father, Jeremy Wicker.

Enter a group of Rockford, Illinois, high school students. They're making a prosthetic hand for Kylie through their 3D printer. In just a few days, Kylie can wear it.

"I'm going to get it on Friday, and it's really exciting," she said.

Normally, prosthetics could cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. But for the 3D hand that Kyle will be getting...

"The total cost of this will be barely $5, maybe a dollars worth of plastic and a couple bucks for the fasteners," said teacher Bud May.

The cost is cheap; the impact priceless.

"To ride a bike, and to be able to grab the handlebars and to be able to balance," said Kylie's mother Sharon Wicker. "There is a lot that has gone through my mind that she can do."

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