New incident reported at nursing home where double murder occurred


Guillermo Correa, 56, is charged with capital murder. Investigators say on April 22, he beat two of his roommates to death with the armrest of his wheelchair during an argument last week. He's being held without bond.

Just this weekend, police were called back to that nursing home after an elderly woman was beaten by another man while in her bed. It was that woman's family who called for help after learning of the incident, and they're not happy with the way the nursing home handled the situation.

Near midnight Friday, a disturbing call came from the Lexington Rehab and Nursing Home.

"They called and told me, my mother was in an incident where one of the residents went into her room and was beating her in her chest, but they had told me that she was OK," said Barbara Fowler, the victim's daughter.

Vissie Smith, 85, had only been at the Lexington Rehab and Nursing Home for two months to help her walk again after an illness. Now she's been assaulted by an 84-year-old man and fellow patient.

"She wasn't swollen but she was hurting. She was scared, she was frightened," Fowler said.

The Lexington director admits they did not call police, telling ABC-13:

"When dementia residents get into altercations, we typically do not call police if there are no injuries. Usually it's just one patient who is upset with another patient."

"I ask the director, if a fax machine in his office was stolen, would he call the police? He said he absolutely would, but he wouldn't call the police to protect my grandmother and her safety," said Melvin Watson, the victim's grandson.

The family believes if the male attacker would have had a knife, their mother would be dead.

"I just don't want it to happen anybody else's people, not here, since the two guys died and this happens to her. This is too much. Somebody go to do something. They didn't call police, they didn't do anything. They just called, told me what they said and I guess that was suppose to be OK, but it wasn't," Fowler said.

Smith's family pulled her out of Lexington Nursing Home. She is now at Memorial Hermann Hospital, where we're told X-rays did not reveal any broken bones.

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