Texas City police offering reward if you can help them find missing statue


The statue was swiped from Godard Park in Texas City and a lot of kids and their parents want that statue back.

It's 200 pounds of bronze sculpted into a statue that for the past 15 years greeted children and parents at the Texas City Little League Park. That is, until April 10.

"What we're missing here is a piece of history that means a lot for kids growing up here in Texas City," said Texas City Police Chief Robert Burby.

It was taken in the middle of the night by thieves who left behind only tire tracks and the rope used to pull the statute from its base. It's a loss for a park and for the city. The $4,000 statue was made possible with private donations and public money.

But for Little League president Danny Garcia, it's about more than the monetary value of the statute. It's about something he'll tell you is priceless.

"they're stealing memories," said Garcia. "You know, whether it's a statute, it's something that creates memories."

Police assume a metal thief is responsible. Alerts to metal recyclers from Galveston to Houston haven't produced any leads, which means the statute may be far away by now, if it still exists.

But there's now a Crime Stoppers reward out for whoever is involved in the theft.

"It should be hard on you right now to know exactly what you've," said Burby. "Make it easier on yourself and turn yourself in and bring back our statue."

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