Event promoters seek to bring back Galveston beach parties


On a Good Friday with perfect weather, the crowds are already in Galveston. Some local, others are traveling for the holiday. And on social media, more are being invited for the island Leg of Texas Beach Party 2014.

"And hopefully it will give a new acceptance to the energy we're trying to, a new relationship," event promoter Dequayon Woods said.

Woods says he was involved in the promotion of the earlier beach party weekends in Galveston that created issues for some businesses. Over time, the island bicycle shop opted to close during the event.

"It got to the point where they had control and we didn't," said Jeff Nielsen with the Island Bike Company.

Hurricane Ike and the economy broke the tradition. Now the promoter wants to revive it. This weekend is a trial run, and the crowd he wants to attract he hopes will be one that Galveston will want to return.

"Like a I say bring a bike- bring your family barbecue and have a great time," event promoter Eric Spivey said.

Because there is no entertainment venue connected with the gathering, no permits by the city were required. The city of Galveston doesn't expect a large response to the event, but police and public safety agencies are monitoring social media and web traffic.

"Our efforts are to be a part of the conversation and aware of what's being said about our island," Galveston Spokeswoman Elizabeth Rogers said.

Saturday is the day that people are encouraged to go visit the island.

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