Use natural dyes to decorate Easter eggs


Tamika Fletcher, co-owner of Natural Resources Salon, loves using these natural dyes to color eggs.


  • Stir 2 tbsp. turmeric into 1 cup boiling water; add 2 tsp. white vinegar.
  • Color will take instantly. The longer you leave it in the darker it will get.
  • Make sure to rinse the egg before coloring.


  • Boil onion skins (brown and red) for a few minutes.
  • Water will instantly change colors.
  • Drop egg in and egg will change color instantly.
  • The longer you leave it in, the darker it will be.

For Patterns:

  • Use flowers and a stocking.
  • Clip leaves of flower, apply to egg, cover with stocking and boil for about 30 minutes.


  • Cut 1/4 cabbage into chunks, boil until water changes color.
  • Add two tbsp of vinegar for every two cups of cabbage water.
  • Let the water cool for about 20 minutes before adding the egg.
  • Soak egg for 20 minutes or even overnight to achieve a darker color.

Red or Blue:

  • Add Kool-Aid to water (can be cold) add a little vinegar and add your egg.
  • Leave overnight to create a marbled look.

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