Free car checkups on Thursday


We all love free, so this one is a no brainer. Drivers can get their cars looked over for free and even their kids' car seats, thanks to AAA Texas and the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Teryni Buckner made sure little Ava Dash was well suited for her car seat before heading out on Houston roads.

"I had a couple of difficulties, but for the most part the instruction manual, it worked pretty well and it was pretty easy to install," Buckner said.

While Buckner got Ava's car seat in right, the Harris County Sheriff's Office has seen plenty of parents that get it wrong.

"Four out of five car seats are still put in wrong," Sgt. Jeffrey McGowne said.

Sgt. McGowne says he's seen things like facing the car seat forward too soon, not having the seat secured at all and putting kids in booster seats before they are big enough.

"In some cases it could injure the child, in some cases doing something is better than doing nothing, but we really want to make sure the seats are in their correctly," he said.

So what is a parent to do? On Thursday the Sheriff's Office will check car seat installation for free and that's not all.

"Radiator fluid, brake fluid, engine oil, we will be looking at the battery to make sure there is no corrosion," said Steve Van Winkle with AAA Texas said.

Van Winkle says few people take the time to do it themselves.

"It's not really available to us and nobody really asks," he said.

The car seat and vehicle check up takes place Thursday off I-45 North and Crosstimbers. No repairs will be made on site, but they'll let you know if your car needs work.

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