Stiletto killing wasn't murderer's first violent act, witnesses testify


Trujillo was convicted following two hours of jury deliberation. Prosecutors plan to call 16 witnesses in the sentencing phase.

So far, most of those testifying on Wednesday have been peace officers who arrested the former Assuage Salon owner for DUI, public intoxication and trespassing.

Then there was the software engineer who said he would see Trujillo at social mixers at the Post Rice Lofts three years ago. It was not a friendship, he said.

"There are few people I've deleted from my phone," he said. "Ana was one of them."

Anaj Goel told the jury that he and his girlfriend apparently left their apartment door unlocked when they went to dinner. On their return, Goel says he found Trujillo using their bathroom. When he walked in, he says she didn't understand what the problem was, even as she sat on the commode.

Goel said it took time to force a reluctant Trujillo to leave the apartment.

"After I recognized her, I realized it was a way more dangerous situation," he said. "I had heard stories about her getting into fights."

A man who once considered Trujillo a friend told the jury that she knocked him out with a candlestick as she was leaving his apartment.

After his testimony he told us, "I was her first victim."

He says he was equally surprised that nearly three years later, he was told Trujillo filed a police report on him the day following the candlestick incident. Goodney says he learned of it when prosecutors contacted him to testify in Trujillo's trial. No charge, he says, was ever filed.

In retrospect, considering the stabbing death of Stefan Andersson by Trujillo's 5 1/2 inch stiletto heel as the weapon, Goodney says he wishes he had filed a police report on Trujillo for knocking him out. He wonders if it might have changed the outcome for Andersson.

Trujillo sat quietly with no visible sign of emotion during the testimony. Her attorney says his client may take the stand during the sentencing phase of the trial. Trujillo did not testify in her own defense during the trial. She faces up to life in prison.

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