Save big cash on tires by shopping online


Jerome Pierce is a savvy saver and shops around for the best prices on almost everything, but especially on big ticket items like tires. After calling several shops around the Houston area, he found by shopping online, he saved $130 for a set of tires on his wife's car.

He purchased the tires at and had them shipped to the store so he can pick them up and have his local mechanic install them. By doing that, he avoided all those extra fees many tire shops charge.

"It was a very significant savings, without all those added fees. Those tires have all that warranty, the manufacturer's warranty, on them so if something does happen, I can still take them to my local tire shop," Pierce said.

Pierce also just purchased a set of two tires for his own car on a site called He says he saved a $100 on each tire.

Before you make any online purchases be sure to see what the shipping charges are, and choose a reputable shop to install your tires that will guarantee their work.

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