Houston's 'Mysterious Mansion' up for sale


Known to many as the Mysterious Mansion on Wichita, the 4800 square foot home inside The Loop hit the market not too long ago for only $150,000. But with that asking price, it needs a lot of TLC.

Charles Fondow purchased this home at 2309 Wichita in 1981 and started a 30-year renovation project.

"It was biblical to him. That as long as he kept building, he would keep living," Realtor Brenda Aims said.

Aims says she met one of Fondow's friends who told her stories about the previous homeowner, who passed away in 2011. Originally built in the 30's, and converted into an orphanage in the 60's, Fondow acquired the house and converted it back into a single family home with a unique sense of style and decor.

"The turrets and the gables came from I think a courthouse in Wisconsin. And that was part of his model for that," Aims said.

Aims says Fondow added a third level to the house, including this apartment which to this day is unfinished.

"The house itself is 4,861 square feet. The apartment's 521 square feet. The house has five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms," Aims said.

Some say it's a steal at a $150,000 asking price. The home's been vacant for a few years and has unfortunately been vandalized a couple times. So you'll need to put in a lot of elbow grease to make it livable again.

"It needs plumbing, wiring, fixtures. A lot of wood rot. The roof needs work," Aims said. "It's going to have to be somebody that has experience. And it's going to be somebody to restore it, to make it beautiful again, it's going to have to be somebody that has an emotional investment in it as well."

There were a few offers on the home last week and the sale was pending. However, that deal fell through and the house is active on the market once again.

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