True or false? Take ABC13's health test


1. Will popping your knuckles cause your them to get bigger?

2. Our tests showed the toilets in the hotel rooms had more germs than the bedspreads.

3. Freshly brewed iced tea contains bacteria that could make you sick.

4. The heart surgeon who holds the world's record for most heart transplants operates in Houston.

5. Stem cell treatments are just beginning in Houston.

6. And finally, if you cross your eyes too much, can your eyes get stuck?


1. False. It won't make knuckles bigger, but if you pop your knuckles hard enough and often enough, it can lead to arthritis.

2. That's false. The bedspreads had more bacteria on them. The toilets and the bathrooms are cleaned with disinfectant daily. While the bedspreads we swabbed weren't washed every day.

3. True. We learned that if the water in the tea brewer doesn't get hot enough to kill the bacteria, they can survive and even cause diarrhea in people who drink the tea.

4. True. He is Dr. Bud Frazier and he's performed 1,316 heart transplants at the Texas Heart Institute.

5. False. Stem cell studies have been underway in Houston for more than a decade. They're being used to repair the heart after a heart attack. They're being studied as a repair for brain damage after a stroke. They're used to speed healing in rotator cuff surgery. And Galveston researchers have even grown a human lung in the lab using stem cells.

6. False. That's just a myth.

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