Finger Furniture fails to deliver furniture to some customers


For more than 80 years, Finger Furniture has been a staple here in Houston. But lately, customers don't seem happy about the way they've been conducting business, citing unfulfilled orders.

Saber Kirollos placed an order with Finger Furniture for a new dining room set last August, hoping to at least to have it for the holidays.

"That's why I'm very upset because, if you're in business you should deliver," Kirollos said.

Originally promised six to eight weeks for delivery, yet six months later, his dining room is still empty. Kirollos says he even contacted the company's owner.

"I send a lot of emails to Rodney Finger, and no response," he said.

Kirollos isn't the only customer asking about his furniture. Melvin Banks and his wife paid $4,000 for furniture but when it wasn't delivered...

"No response from Finger's at all," Banks said.

Banks says he tried calling the store but no one answered. So he went down to the Willowbrook location.

"There was an eviction notice on the door and the doors were locked, there were no lights," he said.

After further investigating, we discovered Finger Furniture was in the process of filing for bankruptcy.

When we reached out to the owner, Rodney Finger, he stated: "After several years of fighting to save our company, on January 16, 2014, Finger Furniture was forced to file for Chapter 11 in Federal Bankruptcy Court. We will be liquidating Finger Furniture starting February 16th. This process will help us pay our creditors and fulfill as many customer back orders as possible."

Both Kirollos and Banks said they were still waiting for their furniture, and have filed a dispute with their credit card companies for a refund. But what about the customers that paid with cash and still waiting for furniture?

"A bankruptcy court will gather up all of the assets, and distribute them in a fair manner. So, I wouldn't say everybody's out of luck," said the People's Lawyer, Richard Alderman.

The Willowbrook location was temporarily closed during the process of filing for bankruptcy, but has since reopened to liquidate its stock. Rodney Finger also told us, "Nothing is more important than taking care of our customers and our community."

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