Single soldier dad surprises 3 kids at school for Valentine's Day


First, California Army National Guard Chief Warrant Officer David Duran surprised his 14-year-old son at Nightingale Middle School in Lincoln Heights.

"It feels good. I want to spend the whole time with him, every minute," the teen said.

After surprising his son and getting a certificate of appreciation from school officials at Nightingale, it was time for Duran to give his next child, Nicole, a senior at Lincoln High School, the same heartwarming Valentine's Day gift.

"Oh my goodness, I am so happy you're home," she told her father through tears of joy. "I love him so much. I didn't expect him. I thought he was going to come Saturday. We were going to pick him up."

She said she couldn't have asked for a better Valentine's Day gift.

"It is a great gift to give her. It's her senior year, so this is a very special moment I was able to give her," her dad said.

Next, Duran went to his third and final school to greet his other daughter, fourth-grader Luz. She was filled with tears of joy as she threw her arms around her daddy.

"We always think of those reunions and I am just one of the fortunate ones," Duran said.

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