Rubber paint sprucing up cars at fraction of paint job cost


"It's a cheap and easy way to change the color of your car without any permanent or long term effects," said Jose Bazan with Dip-Tex.

Bazan was one of the first ones in Texas to paint cars with Plasti-Dip. A colored rubber paint that easily peels off!

"Pretty durable, I'd say it's more durable than paint," Bazan said.

Similar to a rubberized coating you'll find on hand tools, Bazan says it protects from everyday dings and scratches. The average cost is around $600, which is much cheaper than traditional paint jobs.

One reason it's so cheap is because you don't have to sand the surface before you start.

"Wash it first, then alcohol bathe it after that. Once that's done we tape off the big areas, we don't waste material on. Essentially what it is, windows are the main thing," Bazan said.

Now that the car's all masked off, the next step is painting. And what about color?

"I believe there's something like 21 colors. That's your blues, your blacks, greens -- anything, any color really. From there, you can branch out and get crazy with it. You can mix in custom pearls. You can mix in candy pigments," Bazan said.

Keep in mind, it can take three to five coats to complete the process. But once it's dry, you drive away.

And if you don't like the color, peel it off!

"As far as peeling goes, as long as it's done right, it will peel off just fine. I've peeled cars in 30, 45 minutes," Bazan said.

There is this catch. The Plasti-Paint isn't permanent. Expect to get one to three years out of it before it starts to show some wear. But Bazan believes the technology behind this new plastic-coating is limitless.

"You can literally spray this on anything. As long as it's dry, it will stick to it," Bazan said. "We're right at the doorstep of an entire new industry. Who knows where it's going to go?"

Something else to note, the Plasti-Paint does not have that glossy look of a new car coming off the lot. But, if you're looking to spruce up your ride for a fraction of the cost, this could be your ticket.

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