Bulldog falls in love with adopted kittens

Hammie the bulldog takes care of his new kitten friends (Good Morning America/Michelle Parden)

February 14, 2014 4:18:13 AM PST
A Nebraska woman couldn't believe her eyes when her male bulldog fell in love with a new litter of kittens.

Michelle Parden, of Lincoln, Nebraska, adopted the kittens' mother as a favor for her friend, according to Good Morning America.

The mother had her kittens -- Pumpkin, Goblin, Frankenstein, Batman, Zombie and Elvia -- a week later, on Halloween.

Parden says Hammie immediately took to the kittens.

"It was just the cutest thing," Parden told GMA. "I couldn't believe he loved them so much. He was so motherly and gentle with them."

All of the kittens and their mother have since been adopted, but Parden is still hoping to reunite Hammie with his little friends for a playdate.