Child attempts suicide after being bullied at school for being a fan of My Little Pony


ABC11 reports that Michael Morones puts a new face on the age-old problem of bullying. At last check, he was at WakeMed with a tube down his throat and potentially lifelong brain damage.

Michael's parents tell ABC11 that he likes the cartoon "My Little Pony." It turns out, the cartoon has a growing fan base of men and boys known as "Bronies."

The boy's family always supported his affinity for the cartoon and was grateful for the values it teaches. But Michael's classmates were reportedly not as understanding.

Michael decided to hang himself off the side railing of his bunk bed, his family said. They rushed him to the hospital when they found him, but oxygen to his brain had been cut off.

Incredibly, ABC11 reports the bullying hasn't stopped. As recently as this past weekend, Michael's parents received hurtful comments online about their son.

Bullying prevention expert Nancy Mullin said 11- to 15-year-old boys are at a higher risk for thinking about suicide when they're perceived as being gay.

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