Experts: Protect your sprinkler systems from hard freeze or risk broken pipes

Sprinkler systems caused big problems the last time we had a hard freeze; if you don't cover the pipes right, they may break
January 6, 2014 8:14:13 PM PST
The hard freeze we are expecting could cause some major problems for homeowners in our area. Sprinkler systems are one of the areas that caused big problems the last time we had a hard freeze; if you don't get it right, you may be dealing with broken pipes.

The sprinkler system at Peyo Rubio's home in Spring is getting extra attention, with good reason.

"Two years ago when we had the deep freeze, a couple of neighbors did have their pipes busted. You step outside and it looked like water fountains all over the neighborhood," said Rubio.

To keep that from happening during this freeze, Peyo has hired Abacus Plumbing to make sure the outside of his home is ready.

"Underneath here, you have a plastic piece under this housing, and what will happen [is] it cracks. It has pressure and it blows right off the top of it," said plumber Jose Parra.

Parra adds that homeowners with sprinkler systems need to make sure the water main is off, and then turn on the flow to the sprinklers themselves.

"You leave this valve on and what you might want to do is turn the sprinklers on just so that the valves are open and any water will bleed out of this pipe here," Parra said.

Your spigots should also be covered.

"You have water up to the shut-off; the shut-off is here so this is all exposed. So these covers are easy to use. You just hook them on there and just pull this tight," said Parra.

Parra used a special insulated cover, but rags or blankets work just fine.

Be sure to cover all the exposed pipe. Also, don't leave hoses attached to the spigots, and open the cabinet doors under all the sinks in your home so those pipes don't freeze either.

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