UFO sightings reported in California


"Well, we saw it right through the trees," said one witness. "It was bright enough to shine directly through the trees without any problem seeing it."

Witnesses in Sacramento, Auburn and Stockton reported seeing something in the sky. One man claims to have captured something on his iPhone.

"I seen like six bright orange colored lights," said Kaye Pinlac. "They were almost like in a diamond or triangle shape. It was weird. And so they started just separating."

Video of some glowing objects amid New Year's Eve fireworks from the Hollywood Hills was posted on YouTube as well.

"No sound, no blinking lights, just this big illuminated form," reported Auburn residents Terry and Hans Mauth. "Whatever it was moved up and to the left. It hovered there for probably about 60 seconds, then it took off at a high rate of speed out of sight directly away from us and just disappeared."

While other recent sightings of unusual lights in California have turned out to be arcing power lines or a plane with an electronic sign, media are still waiting to learn if there's a rational explanation for the sightings from New Year's Eve.

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