What's the Deal: Organize your home to save money


Nationally known organizer Andrew Mellen says being organized is really pretty simple. The rule is one home for everything! Reduce clutter hotspots around your home by pairing like with like in containers.

The goal is to get creative:

  • Use old shower curtain rods in your closet to organize belts and scarves
  • A coat rack can be multi-functional to hang hats, and purses
  • Instead of buying expensive drawer organizers try an ice tray for little things like paper clips and push pins
  • Use a large salad bowl that's going unused to store your mail until you're ready to open it
  • Tall trash cans make great containers for all that extra wrapping paper
  • Mint containers can be repurposed to hold safety pins and bobby pins

    It won't cost you a penny and you will have more time and money to do things that really matter to you. As always you can learn more money-saving ideas on Deals Saturdays at 10am.

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