Tech sergeant returns in time for Christmas, surprises children at school


Over the last nine months, tech sergeant Heaven Adams has been able to Skype with his family when the Internet connection works. But on Friday, he surprised his kids with some real face time.

Four-year-old Aiden was pulled out of pre-K class to take a picture with Santa and he knows what he wants for Christmas -- his daddy. And when he asked, that's exactly what old Saint Nick offered up.

Adams has been on deployment in Turkey for the last nine months, but he's home for the holidays. Aiden just doesn't want to let go of dad, but there's one more surprise. Dad will need flowers when he goes to see his five-year-old daughter Julianna at Carmichael Elementary.

Moms says both kids are in shock, and she might have been as well. Brittany Adams was so excited she went to the wrong airport to pick up her husband.

"Finally asked one of the ladies that worked there. I was like, 'What time does his flight come in?' She was like, 'It's at Bush.' So I had to haul butt over there to go get him," she said.

Months of waiting to be in dad's arms is finally over ,and it will be a family Christmas.

"It's great I actually get to see them after nine months," Heaven Adams said.

Adams will be home for 21 days before deploying once again.

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