Law enforcement training program suspended


Lone Star College scored a lot of publicity when NFL star Mario Williams graduated from its law enforcement academy earlier this year. As seen in this video put out by the school. But now the college is being penalized for giving special treatment to its star pupil and other violations.

We reported last summer, the Texan's former number one overall draft pick, and current buffalo bill, was sworn in as a reserve constable after graduating from Lone Star College System Law Enforcement Academy.

But we've now learned Williams will soon be forced to surrender his peace officer license, according to a source with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

In this November 25th letter Lone Star College agrees to a suspension of its law enforcement academy until July 1, 2015.

That means - lone star is banned from teaching law enforcement - and must strengthen parts of training program under the state's watch.

State investigators tell me instructors helped Williams complete the 660 hour course in just four months, nearly two months ahead of his classmates. They did it in part by working with Williams at his house and via Skype instead of the required classroom training.

But that's not what Williams instructor told 13 Undercover this summer.

BC: "Was he there every day in the classroom with everybody?"
Larry Stewart/Academy Instructor: "He was in the class there every day."
BC: "He did the full 660 hours of classroom instruction?"
Larry Stewart/Academy Instructor: "Yes. Yes."

Investigators also noted in this July report numerous serious and systemic violations at the academy.

As for Williams, the state says they're in talks with his attorney in hopes of getting him to give a statement about his time at Lone Star.

The college would refused to interview with 13 Undercover. It did release this statement saying "The incidents cited by TCOLE were primarily administrative deficits. We were informed we need to improve some of our procedural details to better adhere to TCOLE standards".

David Holsey/LSC Trustee: "It is jewels in our crown, it is one of them. But it is a jewel in our crown, so i am concerned about it."

Before the state investigation was even complete, the college was promising changes.

David Holsey/LSC Trustee: "I'm completely confident that everything will be remedied if there is something to remedy. And that everybody will win".

The state is also investigating the academy's top official, Frank Mitchell, for what we're told are "improprieties as training coordinator". I spoke with Mitchell, who said he has no comment

As for Mario Williams - state officials say he'll be forced to give up his peace officer license, but not face any other penalties.

We've tried repeatedly to get a comment from Williams, but have not gotten any response from the Buffalo Bills or his lawyer.

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