What to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers


Meal planning Magic's Brenda Thompson not only plans her family's meals, she reinvents the scraps.

"What I'm doing is taking all the chicken off the bones and I can save it for later and add it to my chicken broth when I'm ready to make our soup," she said.

And you can do the same thing with your leftover turkey. Throw it into a slow cooker add carrots, onion, celery garlic and some salt and pepper. Fill with water and let it cook for six to eight hours.

Too much bread? Turn it into croutons for your salad. Chop the bread into one inch cubes; add a little melted butter, garlic salt or any other spices you like. Toss together and back on 250 for about 20 minutes. They will keep in an air tight bag for up to a week.

"A lot of times when people make meals, you are going to have leftover meat, vegetables and rice - don't toss those," Brenda said.

Turn it into fried rice. There are really no set ingredients. Heat a little oil in your pan add whatever leftover veggies and meat you have. Since they're already cooked just heat it up and serve!

Recipes Using Leftovers:

  • Leftover Bread Croutons
  • Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Soup
  • Leftover Fried Rice
  • Ketchup Bottle Marinade
  • Mustard Bottle Dressing
  • Special thanks to Brenda Thompson of Mealplanningmagic.com.

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