Texans Coach Kubiak says Keenum will start against Jags; explains putting Schaub in against Oakland

Houston Texans' Matt Schaub (8) and Case Keenum (7) look up at the scoreboard during the second half of an NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013, in Houston. (AP Photo/Patric Schneider)

November 18, 2013 3:52:25 PM PST
Case Keenum will be back under center when Houston takes on Jacksonville this Sunday at Reliant. Texans coach Gary Kubiak made the announcement Monday at his weekly press conference. But who ever imagined the 2013 Texans would come to this -- all of us lining up to ask Andre Johnson if he wanted to be traded moments after he had to be separated from Matt Schaub on the Texans sidelines.

All of that was at the tail end of the Texans' 8th straight loss. Sunday was beyond ugly. Your franchise cornerstone was called out by a quarterback who had staggered so badly earlier this year that no one, except the head coach, expected to see him on the field again at Reliant.

Gary Kubiak made the decision to pull Case Keenum in favor of Schaub in the third quarter Sunday.

On Monday, Kubiak said he'd do it again and it was the right decision. Here's Coach Kubiak's explanation.

"I'm fine with Case in a two-minutes situation," said Kubiak. "What I was doing calling the game and some decisions I made to help the quarterback out and help the offensive line out was fixing to be very difficult for a young guy who's never been through it."

The one thing that I am sure about, Kubiak made that decision based solely on his belief that it was best for his team and best for Keenum.