Bad gas from southwest Houston gas station damages engines of several cars


It's what happens when you mix in a mistake during a construction project with all that rain from Thursday.

Joseph Provenzano's Corvette is going nowhere fast.

"I put the gas in and I go right out into the street, and the car kills," said Provenzano.

The Corvette was not alone.

"When I pumped the gas and tried to leave, my car shut off and failed to start," said Bill Thompson.

The reason a half dozen cars at Fondren and Main now need a mechanic?

"All the gas we thought we put was water instead of gas," explained David Solorzano.

The station manager at Fuel Depot says a construction crew ruptured the underground fuel tank and then all that rain from Thursday contaminated the gasoline without his knowledge.

"I just told the customers over there that this was our fault and the water went in because of the construction tank damage and we will take care of their car. Our insurance company is going to pay for the damage," said station manager Rick Maknojai.

If you remember just one thing about this, always get a receipt when you buy gas that's the fastest way to prove your purchase if something other than gasoline gets in your tank.

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