Boy pulled from bottom of Crosby marina dies


Officials say the six-year-old was discovered underwater at the Love's Marina & Park on Highway 90 in Crosby yesterday.

Love's Marina is a private park on the San Jacinto River. There are plenty of people in the water, no lifeguards and early yesterday afternoon, there were cries for help.

"I was in the water and they had pulled out this little boy and he was lifeless," witness Erika Palafox said.

The child, according to witnesses, had been under the water for a time. They say his family couldn't find him.

"A lot of people, kind of hard to keep up with everybody around you," witness Daniel Lira said, describing the marina on this busy Memorial Day weekend. "People coming in and out everywhere."

Some of those people gave CPR to the child until paramedics arrived. The CPR, we're told, continued all the way to the San Jacinto Methodist Hospitall, but the boy did not survive.

It was devastating certainly to his family, as well as to all who were here.

"You have to remember that it's about them -- the kids -- and not about you," witness Bobbie Gama said. "And if you want to have fun and you want to indulge yourself, leave them at home."

The name of the child has not been released

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