Bank robbery suspect exchanges gunfire with deputy


Eyewitnesses called it a chaotic scene, as a couple of armed gunmen stormed a Community Bank of Texas branch on Crosby Lynchburg Tuesday afternoon. Investigators say three robbers hit the bank, and one suspect fired at deputies.

Barbara Howard rushed to the scene. Her sister was one of the customers in the bank during the robbery.

She said, "Two guys broke in the door. They held a gun on her and a lady who was standing at the door and the other guy jumped across the counter. That's about as much as she told me before she had to hang up."

Investigators say a deputy patrolling the area pulled into the parking lot when he saw two men in heavy coats leaving the bank. They say those men immediately fired their guns and when the deputy returned fire, the guys ran off. No one was injured, but the deputy's vehicle was struck by gunfire.

"I heard nine gunshots go off in total," said eyewitness Megan Watkins. "It was a loud boom, and I thought it was a tire that blew. But all of a sudden I see the sheriff come this way and he was chasing after a man."

Investigators say the thieves ran to a nearby car dealership and stole a black Ford pickup. They dropped off an accomplice at an apartment complex, before deputies spotted and arrested two of the accused men after a chase in the Sheldon area.

Deputies are still looking for that third suspect. They are asking anyone with information about that man to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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